Unlock Her Love For You By Developing A Deep Understanding Of The Female Psyche

Attract a woman by understanding how she thinks and feels - AttractionIQ® shows you the way

What AttractionIQ® Will Do For You

Discover How To Attract Her Naturally Without Sleazy, Manipulative Tricks

What AttractionIQ® will teach you is a natural, "whitehat" way to attract women which is healthy, safe and morally acceptable. We are different from "Pickup Artists" or "Seduction Gurus" who often promote sleazy and manipulative techniques which are morally and ethically dubious.

Module #1 - Female Psychology

This module is all about deep diving into the female psyche. Learn how to understand a woman deeply, and how you can fulfill her utmost needs and desires. Also, discover reasons behind her behavior, and learn to identify the signs and non-verbal signals that she sends out to know what she is thinking.

Module #2 - Male Psychology

In this module, you'll turn inwards and examine your own behavior in your relationship. Learn emphatic communication skills so that you can relate to her better. Discover how to manage your own emotions and reactive behavior.

Module #3 - Exercises & Bonus Content

Enhance your knowledge of the two preceding modules by going through a series of carefully designed exercises, quizzes and worksheets. Also contains bonus short chapters on a range of topics including how to text a woman and ways to strengthen a long distance relationship.

What AttractionIQ® Will Do For You

With the AttractionIQ® program you'll have access to a best-in-class e-learning program where you'll learn all the below:

I bought AttractionIQ after struggling with my dating love for years. It's a real eye-opener, I must say! After a couple of weeks immersing myself in the material, I gained a deeper understanding on how the female psyche works. As a result, my relationship with my wife has grown so much stronger. Thank you!

Karl Yin
Karl Yin Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

My boyfriend told me about AttractionIQ, and we decided to invest in a copy of the online program together. We found the "Troubleshooting" module to be most useful, as it accurately described the problems which had been plaguing both of us since the beginning. We are communicating more authentically and at a much deeper level now. Good stuff!

Jenny Tan
Jenny Tan Ang Mo Kio, Singapore

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